Dive Bum Okinawa

 Felicia's Birthday Dive '06

Maeda Point                                                                                    02 May 06

With all of the rain and thunder early this morning it wasn't looking very promising for a dive today.  But after we dropped the kids off at school the weather started getting better.  When I got home I took a quick look at the web cam of Maeda Point and it was as flat as glass!!  So we grabbed our dive gear and headed off to Maeda Point.

It wasn't too crowded (Golden Week) when we first got there, so we suited up and headed down the new steps to the water.   We both had a great relaxing dive and we found all sorts of cool stuff to take photo's of.  But when it was time to head back to the steps there were hundreds of Japanese Divers and dive students trying to get in/out of the water and there were several resort classes trying to teach vacationers how to breathe underwater right under the steps.  Felicia and I literally had to walk on top of several people who were under water (a whopping two feet) crowding the base of the steps.  Next year I think we'll have to find a less popular spot to dive!!!