Dive Bum Okinawa

 Dive Log 2013

Tengan Pier         29 March 13

    A few buddies and I decided to hit the water before work for an early morning dive at Tengan Pier.  After a brisk 15 minute surface swim we descended into murky waters below.   Tengan Pier is not your usual clear water, coral reef type dive you would expect here on Okinawa.  It is more of a muck dive with lots of silt and poor visibility.  We were lucky this morning visibility was about 15 ft and not much of a surge or current.  As we swam through the pilings we found some cool shells, nudibranchs, old tools and a pair of Seagrass Ghost Pipefish (Solenostomus cyanopterus).   Then we did some underwater navigation and swam back to the beach.  On our way back we saw a huge crown of thorn sea star, a very cool nudibranch (that I've never seen before) and a small ragged-finned firefish.

  Tengan Pier, 29 March 13

Jam’s   20 Jan 2013

  Got a new toy on Christmas, a GoPro!!!  It looks like I’ll be adding a new feature to the website…videos!!!  

  I was amazed at how easy it was to use the GoPro.   I mounted the GoPro mount to one of my still camera housings and it worked perfect.  The placement made aiming the camera/video easy and intuitive.

  After a few weeks of horrible weather it sure was nice to see the weather report turn in our favor.  As I planned our first dive for the new year I wanted a nice and easy spot so I could stretch out the fins.  Jam’s…  We hit the water just as high tide was peaking which made for an easy entry.   The visibility and temperature was great, 40 ft and clear and a balmy...70f, thank you 5mm wetsuit!!!   

  We saw some cool critters and the camera and GoPro worked better than expected. 

Check out my first video on YouTube